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Car and Driver Reveals 10 Best Cars of 2016

It’s that time of year. Time to take a look at Car and Driver’s 10Best.

10Best involves more than drawing up lists of their sub-$80,000 favorites. Every year they enter their weeklong evalu­ation looking for new and improved combinations of virtues: value and engagement, performance and poise, sights and sounds, soul and character.

The cars that earn this award do more than merely succeed on one or two criteria; they come  fully formed, polished, complete. But how do they get that way? This year they delve deeper into their winners’ makings to better explain why they won.

Who builds and develops these cars? Where? How do they go about it? What is a 10Bester truly made of? There are, of course, varied answers because cars are not simple things.

You do not buy them on Etsy, and they’re not running a Maker Faire here. Automobiles are still the most complex and technologically advanced consumer products that man has ever devised.

Find out which cars are on their top 10 list for 2016.